Stop the Flood

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A nationwide social campaign
“Stop the Flood” – out of concern for your safety

Flooding is one of the most dangerous natural phenomena occurring in the country. It affects society, the environment and the economy. The update of Flood Risk Management Plans (aPZPR) is a project aimed at identifying areas most exposed to flooding and proposing measures to protect the population against its effects.

For Wide Vision, it is another important project in the area of water management. Working with experts, we organized and conducted a nationwide social campaign “Stop the Flood”. Its main goal was to reach as many recipients as possible with information about the project. The agency carried out information, education and promotion activities for the project.
Due to the epidemic situation, substantive conferences and consultation meetings were conducted in the online formula newly developed with the Client.

Range of activities:

name, logo and visual identification of the project
PR activities – contact with the media, preparation of content for the media and for the website, training and preparation of experts for contact with the media, media monitoring, media purchase and organization of press conferences and briefings
social media – development of content and graphics about the project for the client’s Facebook and LinkedIn profile
expert and B2C communication (to the whole society)
outdoor campaign with a mural design competition
organization and conduct of the public consultation process – 30 consultation meetings, keeping a table of comments and conclusions
design and creation – graphic design of brochures, leaflets and graphics for social media
movie and TV spot:
graphic design, implementation and maintenance of the website:
arrying out educational activities and developing animations – an educational film on the flood: and online game
recording of 13 educational videos with the ambassador of the project, Karol Wójcicki

The social campaign “Stop the Flood” contributed to the increase of public awareness of the flood risk and actions that should be implemented to protect the population. The agency carried out numerous promotional campaigns aimed at very diverse recipients. In addition to local government units, non-governmental organizations and the population directly at risk of flooding, which participated in social consultations and conferences in great numbers, the campaign also reached children and youth – we created educational videos, an online game and a mural.