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It’s simple. We have a team of people who know how it’s done.

We don’t claim that the Customer is always right. We listen and ask questions.
We make suggestions and share our expertise. It’s a formula which always works.

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We provide services in three languages: Polish, English and French.

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What we do


We want you to stand out. And we know how to achieve it.

Whether you’re promoting a product or launching a new brand, you need to have a good plan. You also need to know how to convince others of it. We will help you with this. We will help you in creating a concept, as well as in implementing it at every stage of its implementation. We will support you in activities related to the sale of products and services and in managing the company. We will develop methods and techniques to reach your audience. We will make the identification of your company consistent with the values you identify with.


Everything matters. Even your company font.

Fine feathers make fine birds? You know it’s hard to deny it. It’s the same with your company. Shapes, colors, words. All this affects the perception of your brand. It means more than you might think. Consistent identification – from the logo to the company font – is very important. Branding is a complex process, but we are happy to guide you through it. Together, we will take care of every detail of your brand identification, so that it reflects what you identify your actions with.


Forget about the image of your company. Take care of your relations.

When you hear “PR”, you think “image.” That’s normal. But image is not the point here. PR is primarily a way of communicating with your audience. Whether it’s product operations, your business or crisis management. Imagine that your business can be based on real, close relationships – without marketing lies and fabricated facts. How to achieve it? We will guide you through this process step by step. We will support you in traditional communication, but also in the one based on social media. Let Public Relations be not only a perfect complement to your marketing activities, but above all a planned and long-term way of communicating with your immediate and further environment.


Today, the real world is not enough. Enter another dimension.

Can you imagine functioning without the Internet today? It’s the same with your company. An important element of communication is your presence in the virtual space. Reach out to your audience. Maintain a transparent website, a properly designed e-commerce system and your company’s app. Make cooperation with you a pleasure. We will also gladly introduce you to Google AdWords and the secrets of positioning, so that you are even more accessible to those who are looking for you.

Our offer

Our Team

Joanna Strzelecka

Managing Partner

The heart and mind of Wide Vision. Commonly known as the Boss or Madam President. However, this does not prevent her from creating analyses as well as communication and branding strategies. Marketing enthusiast. Apparently good marketing doesn’t exist without her, and she doesn’t exist without good marketing. Fortunately, there is also PR and communication, areas in which she feels equally great. Characteristics? Always with a dog at hand.

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Aneta Kłosińska

Project Manager

The Boss’s Right Hand. Responsible for contact with the client and support at every stage of the project. Reliable. She can handle even the most demanding customers. Watches over, supervises and reprimands. Of course, her colleagues, not customers. Not afraid of crisis communication management. Specializes in social consultations, events organization and press conferences.

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Agata Godz

Art Director

Artist and graphic designer. Draws, paints and illustrates. She treats each project as an experimental space that allows her to combine her ideas and experiences with the client’s vision. In addition to computer graphics, she also deals with animation and multimedia – films, presentations. A Master of Arts in Art Education in the field of fine arts, a graduate of the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań.

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Justyna Hlebowicz

Social Media

Precision, accuracy and great memory, these words best describe her. She plans everything, even what other mortals cannot predict – Justyna has it in her calendar! She also works efficiently – she just sees chaos and embraces it. A social media rocket and a helping hand of a graphic designer in one. Uniquely combines competences, which makes her irreplaceable. The Boss says that they understand each other perfectly, so that is why the work is always in full swing. Wide Vision is simply her place on earth. 


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Kinga Szulc

WideTeam Support

Support in all administrative activities. She’ll drive, she’ll bring what’s necessary, she’ll do the shopping. She will also prepare all documents and even correct a text. She takes care of neatness in the office – before you drink your coffee, she will already clean the cup from under your nose. She is learning under the watchful eye of the Boss and her Right Hand. She will make a fine WideWoman. As a graduate of the Warsaw Ballet School, she will organize an event or conference and prepare valuations waltzing.




Martyna Małysa

Media Relations

An extra hand in Wide Vision – a master of multitasking, communication, PR and an expert in writing all kinds of content. Immersed in the field of journalism, she can turn every thought into inspiring words. Her communication skills are extremely versatile – from writing high-quality texts to successfully establishing relations with the media. You can rely on her in any situation, she is professional and flexible with every action she takes. In addition, she is fluent in English. Her passions are art and sailing.

Oliwia Szeląg


Writer. She is in her element when she is typing on a keyboard. Writes texts in both Polish and English. If you want to know where she is currently – just follow the sound of keystrokes. She is probably already preparing a new post or translation, be it in Polish or English. Takes her work very seriously, approaching each task entrusted to her diligently. She can spend hours in front of a computer screen, making sure that the text she writes will meet the criteria of even the most demanding client.