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This is a blog about marketing and PR, where we tell it like it is. In this tab, we publish information, share knowledge in the field of communication, and advise how to build a strong brand position on the market. Here you will learn how to promote your business and which marketing tools effectively increase sales. We will show you how to run social media and how to reach potential customers.

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We resolve all doubts, add what has been left unsaid, and try to prove that marketing and PR are really a piece of cake. We present case studies of our most interesting projects, thanks to which you will learn even more.

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The blog menu consists of four categories: Marketing, Design, PR, Online. In each of them, you will find articles on topics that interest you. Maybe you want to find out what strategy will be best for your company? Do you need advice on running social media channels? Or maybe you are wondering whether it is worth investing in advertising gadgets and an unusual form of advertising? Check out our blog and you will surely find a solution that will satisfy you. And if you have more questions or are thinking about starting cooperation, please contact us.

Wide Vision – communication agency. Who we are?

Wide Vision is a communications agency that has been operating on the market since 2011. We handle comprehensive marketing, PR, design, event organization, social media support, and online activities. We specialize in branding, creating visual identification of brands, and planning and implementing social campaigns, including organizing social consultations.

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