Water Issues

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The first Polish
newspaper about water

The online newspaper about water “Wodne Spraw” covers the most important issues related to water management in a wide spectrum. The newspaper focuses on specifics – practical solutions, actions, the current situation in the country and in the world, and co-financing from EU funds.

For our agency, it is another project in the area of water, in which almost the entire team is involved. We are responsible for leading the communication of the title. The aim of our activities is to promote and inform about “Water Matters”, but also educational activities, including the organization of webinars, trainings, conferences and competitions. All this in cooperation with the editorial team, which includes hydro experts, e.g. hydrologists, hydrobiologists, hydrogeologists, supported by specialists from other related industries.

Range of activities:

logotype and visual identification of “Water Issues”:www.wodnesprawy.pl
cover designs for each issue
communication of the project in social media – setting up and running profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter i Instagram
information campaign – mailings, newsletters, Internet
 contact with the media
design and creation – graphic design of marketing materials
organization of events – webinars, conferences, workshops, panels

The project met with a great response in the community, which from the very beginning resulted in a surprising number of visits to the newspaper’s website and a long time of users staying on it. The response in social media was also very satisfying, the title keeps on gaining hundreds of new followers.