Po Pierwsze

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A new place on the map
of Bialystok

The Po Pierwsze Restaurant is a place where regional specialties are rediscovered in the hands of creative chefs. The meals are based on local, fresh products. During the pandemic, their delicious dishes were served only through home delivery or self-pickup. After the opening of the restaurant, guests get to fully enjoy the prepared specialties.

After the change of owners, the restaurant under its previous name was moved to a different location. Our task was to create a completely new identity that would not only appeal to the regular customers of the previous place, but also attract new ones. A place that would attract not only because of delicious food, but also a friendly atmosphere. So we set about developing a completely new name, logo design and full identification. We wanted a concept that was characteristic but recognizable on the local market. That is why the logo is familiar to everyone in Bialystok with a sketch of the building in which the restaurant is located. An important element of the project, developed during the year 2020, which was difficult for gastronomy, was to create a positive impression. Hence the ubiquitous, vivid colors.

Range of activities:

branding – name, logo and key visual, brandbook
graphic design of marketing materials
marketing texts and content for promotional materials
company’s external signage
social media – setting up and running a profile on Facebook and Instagram 

The project started in October 2020. The restaurant’s profile on Facebook had almost 1,000 followers after 3 months of existence, even without paid promotion. Their number was constantly growing. The agency supported the restaurant throughout the pandemic, adapting its activities to the difficult situation.