Jawa Nie Sen


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A breath of fresh air
on the specialty coffee market

Specialty coffees have made their way to the Polish market and they are here to stay. Jawa Nie Sen is a new brand offering artisanal coffee for those who care about quality.

Wide Vision’s task was to create an artisanal coffee brand from scratch. Among so many products that want to attract the attention of coffee lovers, it is increasingly difficult to stand out. And coffee created by a health specialist needed an appropriate identification that would not overshadow what is most important – the product itself and its properties.

The name stimulating the imagination, together with the minimalist packaging design, gave the balanced effect that the customer was looking for. While the name inspires and stimulates the imagination through wordplay and a coherent logo, the packaging itself is its opposite. Minimalism, subdued colors – design puts the coffee first, which does not need to be aggressively asking for attention. Breaking the words in half is a delicate, yet still eye-catching, trick.

Range of activities:

creating a product name, brand identification and logo
development of the design of coffee packaging
brand identity and key visual

Launching a new product on the market is always a challenge. Despite the introduction of coffee for sale in 2020, where the effects of the pandemic on the economy were visible, Jawa Nie Sen coffee enjoyed great popularity. The identification we created allowed us to stand out on the market. Ultimately, however, the Client decided not to develop the business. But we are still proud of our work.