Pectore Eco

Design, Online

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Logo and a modern website
referring to the eco-brand’s mission

Pectore Eco is a company dealing with activities related to water management, environmental impact assessment of projects as well as planning documents and expert opinions. The company, operating since 2009, required a new visual identification, introducing a fresh perspective and referring to the company’s mission.

Our logo design, which was made to be minimalistic, perfectly reflects the company’s mission – acting in the spirit of eco-conciousness. The new website is user-friendly and allows the viewer to easily access the information on it. The design of the website and the content of entries have been optimized for search engines.

Range of activities:

logo design
visual identification
website design and implementation:
website optimization for SEO

The refreshed logo and the new visual identity of Pectore-Eco are just the beginning of the company’s further development. The graphic element in the logo designed by Wide Vision is used in other projects created by Pectore-Eco which relate to natural environment. It’s a simple but effective procedure – consistency in the use of the sign contributes to unambiguous associations with this brand.