Stop the Drought!

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Nationwide social campaign
“Stop the Drought!”

Drought is one of the most severe natural phenomena. The Drought Effects Counteracting Plan (DECP) developed for the State Water Holding Polish Waters is the first comprehensive and long-term project in Poland dealing with this issue. The aim of the program is to identify actions that may minimize the effects of drought in the future.

Wide Vision was involved in organizing and conducting the nationwide social campaign “Stop the Drought!” Its aim was to inform the public about the problem of drought. The huge involvement of the entire Wide Vision team in the project brought the expected result. Today, “Stop the Drought!” is not only a very important document for Poland, but also as a result of it, a greater social awareness of drought-related topics was introduced. As part of the project, the agency conducted 15 face-to-face consultation meetings and 3 substantive conferences on the program. We also carried out educational activities for children and youth.

Range of activities:

branding – logo lifting and new key visual development
PR activities – contact with the media, preparation of content for the media and for the website, media monitoring, media buying
social media – development of graphics consistent with identification and content for social profiles, preparation of video content
expert and B2C communication (to the whole society)
organization of 15 consultation meetings and 13 press conferences and briefings all over Poland
 organization of 3 nationwide substantive conferences and accompanying press conferences
design and creation – graphic design of brochures, leaflets, posters and other marketing materials
ambient campaign
campaign with the image ambassador of the project, Mr Łukasz Nowicki
organization of a nationwide competition for children and youth
organization of the production of a film about the project: LINK and a TV spot:
design and production of gadgets – materials supporting activities in the project
reconstruction and maintenance of the project website

The project gained a huge response in all media, which resulted in a large attendance at conferences and consultation meetings organized by Wide Vision in 15 Polish cities. The agency offered the client a collaboration with Łukasz Nowicki, who became the ambassador of the project and the main character of the film and spot about the “Stop the Drought!” project. The video – also presented on social media – gained over 50,000 views. In addition, the agency developed coherent marketing materials: leaflets, posters, banners, brochures about the project. The organization of substantive nationwide conferences, 15 consultation meetings and other activities of the campaign as well as their proper communication contributed to the great success of the project.