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“Safe Vistula”

“Safe Vistula – towards a sustainable future” – this is the name of the program of retention activities constituting an element of flood risk management in the Upper Vistula region. Its main goal is to develop optimal and strategic solutions that include the identification of areas of potential water retention, and thus strengthening protection against floods and droughts. Experts care about preserving the natural character of the Vistula River, therefore the retention measures developed will largely be a part of natural retention.
Already at the first stage of the project, representatives of municipalities have the opportunity to report specific needs regarding flood protection. Field visits are organized, but anyone from the area covered by the Program can submit their proposals via an online survey at The aim is to create an action plan that will take into account the needs of municipalities in order to effectively and efficiently protect the region against floods.


Wide Vision is the partner responsible for the communication of the Program. We work with a team of experts and the Client to effectively conduct information and promotion activities under the name “Safe Vistula – towards a sustainable future.” We are focused on regional activities, and above all on cooperation with local governments, environmental organizations and residents of the areas covered by the Program. We already have extensive experience in implementing projects related to flood protection and drought risk management as well as counteracting water shortages – “Stop the Drought!”, “Stop the Flood” and “Retention. Keep the water!” We are convinced that the acquired skills supported by the knowledge of the team of experts will contribute to the success of the “Safe Vistula” project.
Range of activities:
name, logo, branding i key visual of the Program
preparation and organization of the public consultation process
organization and conduct of substantive conferences in stationary mode with online transmission
PR and social media activities – contact with the media, preparation of content for the media and for the website, organization of briefings and press conferences, media purchase
social media marketing – development of content and graphics for the client’s profile and advertising campaigns (AdWords)
expert communication and to the whole society (3 voivodeships)
design and creation – graphic design of marketing materials
production of film and TV spot
radio campaign – radio spots
graphic design and production of gadgets for the project
organization of an educational campaign – an exhibition combined with an event for children

We are proud to be part of an important project to protect society from flooding. We act and gain more experience. We believe that our role as a communication agency is not only to provide information, but also to educate and raise public awareness about the effects of climate change. We want to contribute to informing about increasing the safety of residents, protecting the natural environment and creating a future in which the Vistula River is managed in an ecological and sustainable way.