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Flood is one of the most dangerous natural phenomena in the country. It affects society, the environment and the economy. The update of flood risk management plans (aPZPR) is a project aimed at identifying the areas most exposed to floods and counteracting its effects.

The Wide Vision Agency was invited to organize and carry out the nationwide Stop the Flood campaign. The main goal of the campaign is to reach the largest possible audience with information about the project. As part of the information and promotion activities, the agency carries out information, educational and promotional activities for the project.

Due to the epidemic situation, substantive conferences and a consultation meeting are conducted in a newly developed online formula with the client.


Range of activities:

  • – brand identity and key visual,
  • – PR and social media activities – contact with the media, preparation of content for the media, social media and the website, media monitoring, media buying,
  • – B2B (expert) and B2C communication (to the whole society),
  • – organization of consultation meetings,
  • – organization of nationwide substantive conferences
  • – organization of press conferences and briefings,
  • – design / creation – graphic designs of brochures, leaflets and graphics for social media,
  • – movie and TV spot,
  • – graphic design and production of marketing materials and gadgets,
  • – graphic design, implementation and website maintenance.


Although the project is still in the implementation phase, we already know that nearly 400 people participated in the first consultation meetings in Kraków and Nowy Sącz. The online formula of conducting public consultations allows for an unlimited number of participants.

Currently, actions are being taken to promote social consultations of the Stop Flood project – campaign in the media, organization of press conferences and direct contact with the project’s stakeholders – hotline and mailings.

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