Retention. Keep the water!

Another large-scale water management project.

“Retention. Keep the water!” is a slogan of a project which serves both informative and promotive purposes and aims to increase public awareness of water retention in Poland. These activities are related to the Water Scarcity Prevention Program (PPWN), the first document of a strategic nature, comprehensively describing the possibilities and directions for increasing water retention in Poland. Water retention in Poland is currently at 7.5%, and the implementation of the measures proposed in the PPNW are to lead to its increase to 15%.


For Wide Vision “Retention. Keep the water!” is yet another project concerning the area of WATER. Our task was to prepare and conduct a nationwide campaign aimed at informing the public about the Program. We wanted to present in a simple way the methods of water retention, such as: renaturation of wetlands, green and blue infrastructure in cities or setting up ponds and collecting rainwater.

Range of activities:
  • brand identity and key visual development
  • preparation and organization of public consultations and substantive online and stationary conferences
  • PR and social media activities – contact with the media, preparation of content for the media, social media and the website, media buying
  • B2B (expert) and B2C communication (to the whole society)
  • organization of briefings and press conferences
  • design / creation – graphic designs of marketing materials
  • production of an animated film
  • graphic design and production of marketing materials and gadgets
  • conducting questionnaire and focus groups surveys