Dźwigała & Ratajczak

Distinguishing the law firm by creating a new brand identification

Firmowe koperty i wzory dokumentów kancelarii Dźwigała & Ratajczak. Kolejny przykłąd spójnej identyfikacji zaprojektowanej przez Wide Vision.

Dźwigała & Ratajaczak is a tax advisory office with over 20 years of experience. They provide legal and tax assistance to companies of all sizes.

While many legal and tax companies base their business model on affordable prices, the D&R law firm, by creating a new identification, wanted to emphasize its approach to customer service – the availability of their legal services and many years of experience. The creation of a completely new brand image was aimed at presenting the company’s value to both current customers and potential ones. Itwas also to show Dźwigała & Ratajczak as partners who have an individual approach to handling cases, are involved in the processes of their clients and conduct all proceedings in a very professional and confidential manner.


The website designed by Wide Vision, which is the main means of communication for the law firm, had to transparently communicate the company’s values ​​and the services offered by D&R.

Range of activities:

  • – developing a new brand identification
  • – graphic design of marketing materials,
  • – preparation of projects for printing,
  • – website design and implementation.


Currently, the new client identification is under implementation. After completing the process, we will inform you about the effects of its implementation.


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