Company identification created in a highly specialized industry

Budirem has been operating on the Polish market since the early 1980s. The company specializes in the production of furnace brickwork, heating and power boilers. For many years, they have been successfully carrying out works for clients from all over Poland. They are the author of a unique solution of universal prefabricated fittings, from which they carry out orders.

As part of the tasks that the agency carried out for the Budirem company, new visual identity and logotype were developed. After analyzing the client’s marketing situation and conducting an interview, we prepared 3 proposals from which the client chose the option presented in our portfolio. We wanted to develop a concept that reflects and adequately characterizes the brand and the area in which the company operates. At the same time, we tried to make the message very clear. The selected colors refer to the industry in which the company operates and its history, while remaining modern and easy on the eye.

Range of activities:

  • – corporate identity, including a new logotype,
  • – website design and implementation,
  • – preparation of texts.


For a marketing agency, understanding the client’s needs in such a specialized company is not the easiest task. Especially since we had to prepare texts for the new website. Thanks to close cooperation with the client, we created content that met the expectations, was understandable to both specialists and people who do not deal with such specialized industry.


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