Our Team

Wide Vision team is a group of people who view marketing, first and foremost, as passion and possibility for developing their own personalities. On the one hand, we are the best advisors, who always back the customer, and, on the other, the first critics, who don't hesitate to point out also the weak sides. We work together on solutions which can help to improve your daily work and avoid committing similar mistakes in the future.

Thanks to so many professionals within the area of graphic design and public relations we can face even the most challenging orders and respond with commitment to the needs of our clients. Our graphic designers are above all artists and visionaries, who can take care of every detail of the project they are working on. They are also experienced in creative work with customer. While creating a new project, they transfer their ideas into the PC screen, share experiences and support each other in development and growth.

By participation in professional trainings, fairs and conferences we are continuously improving our skills, which allows us to be better when working on our customer’s image. We provide consulting services and trainings, invent creative content, establish relations with media, organize press conferences, as well as settings for events.

If the success of a company is guaranteed by people who work for it, with Wide Vision you can take your victory for granted.
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